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The stretch belt tools do not fit the crankshaft back of pulley with no clearance so I used the AC compressor pulley. The problem is though (and in another thread I read the person managed by finally using a screwdriver in front of the stretch belt tool creating pressure for friction) there is not enough friction on the AC pulley for the crankshaft pulley to be able to be turn and also turn the AC pulley as it installs

I modified a Lisle tool with a hole (first drilled with a small drill-bit. This is hard metal) on the bottom of the install position of the tool where a long ratchet extension pushes up on the tool in the drilled hole with the other end of the extension on the hydraulic jack to push up gently just enough to create friction for the crank pulley to turn. (try this at one own risk obviously if inclined to try it)

The only problem I had with follow-through turning the crank counterclockwise (did not hurt engine) was that the belt on the crankshaft side skips a spline (or rib) away from engine in my case following-through turning counter clockwise Installing, when it starts to move the crank belt away from engine block to the next spline by watching the belt, I found, to stop and go back and forth. The belt straightens and snaps on the A/C pulley before the turning is complete with the tool still about 15 degrees before coming loose. I removed the tool then by turning clockwise and dropping it out the bottom (fully turning before doing this in my case caused the belt on the crankshaft to become locked in the wrong spot one spline (or rib) over - but not-to-worry the belt comes off ridiculously easy with the tool (not affiliated)- it is only harder to install the stretch belt - so, easy to try again) Here is a few pics:

The hole I created (can be seen in the first pic) I used a small bit first on the hard metal as previously stated,then used about a 1/4". Does not have to be deep. Just enough to hold the rod that is pushing up so it doesn't slide off the bottom. The 'rod' (3/8" extensions) that pushes up is long because the car is elevated for service
Was very easy. I could probably do one now in 5 minutes

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