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Sudden unexplained drop in SOC?

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I’ve owned my 2014 ED for just over a year now and there have been a handful of times when the state of charge drops 10-20% while the car is parked for a few hours. The first time it happened, I thought I was just imagining it. It happened again today and I’m positive it is real. It was at 40% SOC when I parked at work in the morning. When I got In to go home seven hours later, the SOC had dropped to 30%. Any thoughts on what would cause this to happen? I am still on the original 12V battery.
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The cold temps are definitely at least part of it. Definitely recommend replacing the 12V battery sooner rather than later.

Your range loss is caused by using the heater. It eats around 10-15% of power all by itself - just watch the Power gauge when you are stopped and turn the heater on. If you have heated seats those are better to use than the heater. Personally, I never turn the heater on - I just dress for the weather and don't drive too far in the winter in the Smart
The hearter is a big contributor, but the range loss also occurs in cold weather even if you don't use the heater. With colder temperatures, the BMS raises the maximum allowed depth of discharge (ie. the "zero" SOC point) to prevent excessively low battery voltage under a load.
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