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For anyone in the Midwest, USA, Canada, or anywhere else is invited to attend the 1st Annual Midwest Smart Car Rally. All ages are welcome, as well as all smart models are welcome! Bring the whole family (Including the smart) for a fun filled weekend at the Wisconsin Dells! The long weekend in central Wisconsin will feature a dinner gathering at the Dell’s largest restaurant; Paul Bunyon’s Restaurant.

June 12-14, 2009
On Saturday the rally will include a picnic at Devils Lake State Park which is south of the Dells where we will gather and have lunch. In addition, there will be a Q&A with the President of Smart USA, Dave Schembri where you can ask any question you want to him about the brand or even the future of the Smart. Also there will be a raffle where tons of prizes from Smart USA and other aftermarket vendors will be given away.

After the park a scenic drive around the region will take place where we will head south and have an opportunity to cross Lake Wisconsin on a free Ferry, it will have the capacity to take over 20 cars at a time across the lake. In addition, the drive will consist of going through some small, but historic towns in central Wisconsin.

After we complete the drive the rest of the afternoon is yours to do whatever and explore the Wisconsin Dells, but as the evening approaches a drive-in movie will be evening activity where everyone is invited to see a double feature at one of the last few Drive-Inn’s in Wisconsin!

On Sunday you are invited to continue your own adventure exploring the sights of the Wisconsin Dells and eat breakfast with the fellow owners if you like at any of the several restaurants in the Dells, otherwise the rally is over and you may head back home.

Once again, you are invited to attend the 1st Annual Midwest Smart Rally on June 12-14th in the Wisconsin Dells, to RSVP to the event please contact Jeff Edmondson!
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