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Supple Motor Lovers Take On Smart Car Challenge (from Your Local Guardian)

How many people can you fit into a Smart car?

Sounds like the start of a joke but it was actually a challenge issued to car enthusiasts visiting Mercedes-Benz World today.

Celebrating Smart's 10th anniversary Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, Weybridge, called on supple motor lovers to squeeze into a Smart car before a troupe of professional contortionists - or in this case car-tortionists - gave it a go.

Amazingly one group of "amateur" contortionists matched the professional gang - both fitting 13 people inside.

However, the non-professionals were helped by having at least two small children among their numbers.

Among the professionals was Britain's Got Talent star Iona Luvsandorj.

Bendy Iona, who reached the semi-finals of the TV talent show, said: "On behalf of the smart car-tortionists, it's a great opportunity to take part in the smart challenge. The interior of the Smart Fortwo is "TARDIS-like" as shown by its ability to fit 13 people inside.

"It was an innovative challenge and I think we far exceeded the crowd's expectations of how many people could fit inside a Smart."

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