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Suspension Upgrade

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After decided to just keep my 2013 451. I am tempted to upgrade the suspension. I would like something a little more firmer and "Sturdier". Has anyone had any luck with any aftermarket suspension that will not break the bank?
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I have the Brabus suspension on the Bee and it handles very well...even on race tracks where in the rain I can pass some Minis. On roads like the Dragon it is wonderful. The trade off is that it is more firm for everyday driving which means you can even feel the little pebbles you roll over. Nevertheless I love the way it drives and wouldn't trade the suspension for anything else. I would recommend getting wheels and tires on the front to match those on the rear as well. I went with the Genius 15" X 6.5" wheels all around.
We got our Brabus suspension when Tiger Wong sold them for a song. Smart Madness has had them on sale before.
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