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I have a set of used Pods (Tach/Clock) with silver bezels. These are for pre 2011 cars. Here is a link to the same set
smart car Instrument Pods - Tach and Clock Pre-2011 Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories

I want $160.00 plus shipping. ($5.80 small priority mail box - more if you want more than $50.00 insurance)

I purchased the set used. The first time I bumped the clock pod it broke off. I discovered it had been repaired before, and I repaired it again only maybe better. The repaired pod still swivels, but it is probably more fragile than a new one. Both instruments work fine and I have been running them in my car for the past 2 years, until recently, when I acquired another set of pods from a recycler. I had to repair some cut wiring in these.
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