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Hey everyone. Today I bought some of those closed cell foam "puzzle piece" mats to use in my kitchen to make standing at the counter while cooking and brewing a little more comfy. I had a couple leftover tiles, and thought about a new use for them. I had a bunch of stuff in my tailgate compartment rattling around, and this was my solution to it. I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of process pictures, but I'll do my best to explain - it's fairly straightforward. Explanation/instruction after the pictures.

For the stuff you might not know or recognize, this holds:
  • Gerber Multitool
  • Complete tire rope plug kit
  • Hitch pin and clip
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables and bungee cords
I cut a paper grocery bag into a sheet of paper and used it to trace the tailgate compartment bottom. I cut out my tracing, and used it as a template to cut out my first (the bottom) tile. I then used this tile to cut four more, each ever so slightly larger than the last to try and fit the tailgate as snugly as possible. I then used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to attach the top four foam cuts together. Ideally, you would use Super 74 FoamFast, but alas, depot and lowes don't carry it. 77 worked fine. I began to lay out the items on the foam that I keep in there, and found the best pattern I could to make them all fit and traced them out in pencil. I used a pocket knife (probably would have been better with a large hobby knife) to cut everything out to the appropriate size and depth. I use a hole saw to make the cylinder in the middle. I then sprayed the bottom of the cut out piece with the super 77, attached it to the bottom solid sheet, and held it down with some weight for about 20 minutes. The piece in the middle of the jumper cables is screwed in from the bottom.

The foam mats are harbor freight ones I got for $7.50 for a set of four with a 25% off coupon. This project used 2 and a half tiles.

I'd be happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking!
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