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I've been wanting to do this since I made my reservation. I don't know if I'm the first but I'm pleased with how it works out. Adds to the attention magnet the car is by itself, that is for sure. In case you are wondering, with the front wheel on the bike, it is 10" shorter than the car :D

First, the disclaimer:
Yakima does have a recommended solution for carrying up to 2 bike single bikes on the smart '08- they haven't tested the '09 yet. This mounts the cross bars 18" apart.
Yakima does not recommend mounting a Sidewinder with the bars less than 24" apart, ruling out a tandem bike.
This setup is not recommended or supported by Yakima. use at your own risk, and the risk of both your rides

My solution was to add the Q Stretch kit, that moved the cross bars out to 26" from each other, and mount the Sidewinder on the center line of the car.

I haven't tracked the car with this set up so I don't know how it affect the handling yet :eek:

Seriously, I drive pretty sedately when I have my bike on the roof, so I can't tell what difference it makes.
As a side note, the last two organized rides I have gone on, I have seen another smart. A nice looking Grey/Silver for the Lancaster Pedal to Preserve and a White/Black all crome'd out on Sundays Bike Freedom Valley ride in Philadelphia


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