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tank you very much

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Where can I get treads like these?
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The Eastern Europeans seem to have an obsession with putting tank treads under everything!
It might be a left hand drive, but it has British numberplates, when they were first built 400 LHD's came in to Britain before they built the RHD's, this is one of them, don't know who it is, but it goes well, would'nt do that with my roadster :eek:
He needs a tow behind brush mower for that car
I guess that's the new "smart forwar". :D

I wonder what his MPG (MPL) is???

Bob Diaz
...and here we are worrying about after market oil filter being 3/4" too tall...

jetfuel...tall enough..
Add skis and useful in Minnesota in the winter here as well.
Seems like a terrible thing to do to a smart to me. I'd rather mine be road worthy than meadow worthy.
Cute, tho at 3:47 about 3:27 longer than necessary to make the point (yes, it's _that_ repetitive).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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