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Just a few weeks ago I posted about this site having a good selection of Smart Fortwo manuals.

If I remember correctly I purchased the last one on the list, the "Smart Fortwo 451 series Full service and Repair Manual 2008-2011. It was $19.95. You pay for it online with a credit or debit card or Paypal. The file was 17 GB downloaded. It took about 45 minutes to download on my Cable 400 megabit connection. I downloaded it late at night when I figured traffic to the site would be less.

You download it to your computer. Then they send you an email with the username and password and a link to another site of theirs that gives complete instructions how to set it up and the link to download the very small install file to begin your setup.

You click the install file and it is menu driven. The way it is set up, this manual program is the actual Mercedes Benz WIS and ASRA programs that the Mercedes techs uses from 2017. But instead of it going online to access the Mercedes server it sets up a file directly on your machine to provide all the functions, so you need not to be connected to the internet to use it. The install program asks you how large of a partition to use to set up the entire program. I set mine at 50 GB. It actually suggested 100GB which is a lot of drive space. I run a 1 TB drive in my laptop and a 3TB USB external drive but I still only allocated 50GB for the partition. It sets up the partition then sets up a "Virtual computer" that runs inside your computers own desktop. When you click on the icon to run the program (Oracle VM Virualbox), it boots up a version of Windows 7 Ultimate. Then you can click on the Mercedes icon and it loads the repair program.

The one I downloaded covers all 450, 451, 452, 454 Smarts all over the world. It also cover all the Sprinter vans and all the Mercedes cars back a few years. It's not a yearly subscription site. You buy it and it is your copy on your computer to use it for life. I would suggest making a backup copy of all the install programs on a separate pen drive or USB drive just for safe keeping. I would also print off the email and keep a copy of the username and password taped to your computer.

I have searched for a long time to find something that would help a Smart owner repair and for me as a mechanic, it filled the bill nicely. It is fairly easy to search and use the program. I haven't had time to sit down and dedicate myself to learning it enough to be proficient at it's use, but I am able to navigate through it enough to find what I needed it for and that was SRS wiring diagrams.

They also have the option that you can buy the program on a USB pen drive and you can install the program from it instead of having to download it. Seems it was over $50 for that option.

Just passing on the news. Not affiliated in any way with Emanual Online. But I am all for sharing any info that will help my fellow Smart owners keep your cars in tip top shape. We know that any kind of Fortwo info has been elusive and next to impossible to find. So just evaluate whether it would meet your needs. If a Chilton, Motor or Hayes manual was available for the Smart it would probably cost more than $20 and not have near the info this program does. DCO
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