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The 20,000 Smart Fortwo was sold to a Dallas man last month. Patrick Zipper of Dallas, Texas became the 20,000th owner of a Fortwo, since this micro-mini vehicle, was introduced to the U.S. market in January. The president of Smart USA, even took time out from his busy schedule, to present the keys to Mr. Zipper at the Smart Center in Dallas.

Daimler's Smart Fortwo has seen a major uplift in sales and production on the back of the Smart Fortwo introduction to the US. U.S. sales for 2008 on the Smart Fortwo will be in the region of 27,000 cars.

Overall sales for the Smart city car are impressive to say the least. A Smart Fortwo franchise center offers everything most other dealers are short of in this horrendous market for U.S. car sales. Things like a backlog of orders, customers willing to pay over sticker price, and their 70 plus dealers all begging for additional inventory.

The Smart is sold in the U.S. in either a Pure or Passion variant and a Passion convertible model. MSRP prices start at just under $12,000.00 for the stripped-down Pure model, to over $17,000.00 for the top of the line Passion Cabriolet convertible.

For 2009, Daimler and smart, Gmbh, the manufacture will be allowing smart USA and the Penske Group the official importer to now sell the custom looking and higher-performance model Brabus, which is a modified version of the Smart Passion.

The Brabus company turbocharges the standard three-cylinder engine from 71hp to 98hp and the Brabus version also comes with bigger tires, alloy wheels and much more panache. The 2009 Brabus version will cost an extra $3,000 to $4,000.

Smart which was on the verge of halting production as a result of very feeble sales a few years ago, posted an increase for October of 6.5 percent selling 11,300 cars worldwide, while Mercedes overall sales, nose-dived to 82,500 vehicles, a drop of nearly 22 percent from last year.

Since being introduced in the US last January, sales of the diminutive city car has improved by 41 percent while those of Mercedes models have fallen nearly 2 percent, as auto sales in general have tumbled as a consequence of world-wide financial problems. Even sales in Japan fell by 29 percent. While car sales in Russia, (40 percent), China (36 percent) and India (10) car sales all increased.

Below source: The Dallas Morning News, By Terry Box

Dallas man is 20,000th to get Smart car in U.S.

Dallas resident Patrick Zipper on Thursday became the 20,000th buyer of a Smart car since the micro vehicle was introduced in the United States 10 months ago.

Dave Scambri, president of Smart USA, presented the keys to Mr. Zipper at Smart Center Dallas.

Smart reached the 20,000 mark sooner than it had anticipated, and Mr. Schembri said the company expects sales of the two-seat car to continue growing despite a substantial dip in gas prices. The tiny, distinctly styled Smart gets 33 miles per gallon in the city and costs about $12,000.

"We'll see a bit of an increase next year," Mr. Scambri said. "People are buying for more reasons than fuel consumption. We are selling a lifestyle, a journey."

Smart Center Dallas, one of the Park Place dealerships on Lemmon Avenue, has consistently been among the top-selling Smart dealerships in the U.S., Mr. Scambri said.

But it was just coincidence that the 20,000th sale occurred here, he said.
"It could have happened in four or five other regions," Mr. Scambri said. "It just turned out that everything came together, and it happened here."

Source: The Dallas Morning News, By Terry Box

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