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Yesterday my 2005 450 displayed the "check engine light" and "three bars" in my gear display. First the car wouldn't start, so I poked around to see that my air cleaner box was quite dirty most likely due to this ITG Foam Air Cleaner I bought and installed in my car sometime last year. So I cleaned it all out, started the car and the engine icon went away. I re-installed a used K&N Air Cleaner. The car continued to start and the engine now runs as it always did. However the 3 bars are still there even thought the car runs and goes into gear again and shifts up and down again as it should. This all happened (I'm sure thinking back) when I was backing out of my driveway and I went over a very small and not hard pile of snow. Yesterday I was hearing a louder clicking sound when I would go from neutral to reverse and from neutral to the forward gears. Today after I got the car running and the engine icon/engine check light off, the car was still making that clicking ~ clanking noise, but not as loud. So as of today, the car runs and drives as it should. All fluids are there at normal levels, nothing is over heating, nothing is leaking or dripping from the car, no other warnings or displays are showing except for the 3 Bars Flashing. Needles to say I am not going to use the car until whatever is wrong with the car is corrected.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank You, sykes05

A P.S: I am in the middle of purchasing a small Smart Car Parts Inventory of wear items, accessories, and alike. I will be posting that stuff when it arrives.
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