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The "Boat Load"

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I’d like to witness a “full boat load” of smarts arriving in '08; it would be impressive. As best I can divine it, the smarts will be shipped between Zeebrugge, Belgium and Baltimore, MD by Wallenius-Wilhelmsen Line. W-W L’s “pure car carrier” fleet includes a ship with a capacity of 8,000 standard size cars – maybe 18,000 smarts, maybe more. Wow!!
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I have now heard that the Smart is assembled in 1) Switzerland, 2) Germany, and 3) France. Does anyone have a valid reference source (no, not the media) as to where these cars are actually assembled?
If you poke around in the Canadian smartcar user's site (, you'll find some posts by folks who have visited the factory in Hambach, France.
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