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According to Joe Guy Collier of the Detroit Free Press it’s "Not quite the same" and Mr. Schembri, president of Smart USA, might have been stretching the truth a bit in at least one of his pitches for the new Smart ForTwo.

Now there's short wheelbase and then there's short wheelbase. The Smart ForTwo is about as short as they come. The original Ferrari 250 GT came in long-wheelbase "Lusso" and short wheelbase versions, the latter more of a competition special and a collectors' favorite. To honor (or mimic, depending on your point of view) the iconic gran turismo, 250 SWB Ltd., a leading Ferrari specialist in the UK, prepared this unique 2004 Smart 250 SWB Speciale.

Under the hood, the engine was remapped, outfitted with a larger turbocharger, new dump valve, bigger injectors and the Brabus exhaust system. The wheel and tire package was upgraded and the suspension has been lowered. Inside the interior was swathed in Italian leather with carbon fiber and aluminum trim. It alsocomes fitted with a Sony CD stereo, sat-nav and phone kit. Outside you'll also notice the red and silver paintjob, Ferrari badging, halogen lights and aerodynamic body kit that sets it apart from an ordinary Smart.

With all the modifications, the owner describes the car as feeling incredibly fast – "delirious entertainment" – with a 0-60 time below eight seconds, a 115 mph top end and average fuel economy over 50 mpg. The car recently sold for a little over ten thousand pounds.

Modern tribute to the original or shameful exploitation of the name? We'd tend to lean closer to the latter, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

This has to be the ultimate fun car as well as being economic and highly practical.This Smart car will still return 50 MPG plus but will produce in excess of 100 MPH and an estimated 0-60 time of sub 8 seconds.

This car has had an engine remap, a larger turbo, dump valve, sports suspension, Brabus sports exhaust, larger wheels and performance tyres, discreet body kit, paddle shift gear change, satellite navigation, enhanced ICE, leather interior, halogen blue spot lights etc. It came standard with air conditioning, ABS and Mercedes's inovative electronic stability control ( ESC). It is incredibly safe with its upgraded ventilated disc brakes and strong Tridium cell.

I have never had so much fun with a car in over 30 years of driving. Its power to weight ratio must equal that of a new Enzo. Now shows 20,000 miles and is in as new condition. Still under manufacturer's warranty. My daughter's # plate not included in sale.

[Source: 250 SWB LTD]

Posted Jan 1st 2007 8:03PM by Noah Joseph

SMART 250 SWB Speciale
Posted Jan 1st 2007 8:03PM by Noah Joseph
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