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The Green Car Company

They Smart cars also sale 2007 American Electric Kurrents priced at $14,460, Meyers Motors NMG for $25,500, the Zap Xebra for $15,000, the Zap Xebra 2 Dr Pick-Up and the Vectrix Maxiscooter a fully electric maxi scooter capable reaching speeds of up to 62 mph.

Green Car obtains Smart cars through ZAP, a Santa Rosa, Calif., company that distributes the vehicles. About 200 Smarts have been sold in the United States, ZAP said.

To get the cars licensed under U.S. standards, headlights must be changed and paneling and oxygen sensors added. Green Car works with G&K Conversions in Irvine, Calif., to do this.

The shipping and modifications add about $8,000 to the price tag, which ranges from $26,900 for a hard-top to $29,900 for a convertible. Customers can customize the color for $1,000 more.
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