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Well folks in just 15 days we all need to report our monetary winnings or perhaps the less than stellar performance of our investments to the IRS, the gathering branch of our government.

It's that time of year again when totally unreliable sources informed us of the changes and additions that Roger and Dieter have planned for the 2011 U.S. smartFortwo.
An optional model addition has been put forth that will satisfy the lust for extra accessories to satisfy the needs and desires of many of this forum, as well as the mainstream of potential smart buyers. With competition slowly but surely encroaching , the company felt that it had no other choice but to extend the warranty to 30 months or 30.000 miles for the three models offered. Now the two new models PASSION and CABRIOLET will be offered with a myriad of options that should excite all of us and will be identified with an additional letter before the name smart. The name will be "Msmart". I personally don't care for the name, but I'm sure that they all did their homework. For an additional cost of $1,095 this upgrade model will then be added to the current line up, and on a limited basis.

Some of the features to look for:
1) Radios will be equipped with the RDS display that will enable station and artist identification. In addition the volume will be speed sensitive, a feature found on many cars these days. On demand the clock on the new Msmart can be displayed on the radio for both occupants to see..
This will free up space on the LCD display for a water temperature or RPM indicator, which can be chosen by alternating a switch. The original two, clock and tachometer will remain as traditional options.
2) The outside temperature will flash and display a snowflake when the temperature reaches 36 degrees to emphasize questionable road conditions.
3) A communication service similar similar to "OnStar" called "NoStar" is also part of the package.It will be included free for the first two months of original ownership.
4) One touch button operation for raising windows is a welcome addition too.
Integrated with this feature is an automatic lowering of the windows by approximately an inch on either door that is opened, thus making it possible to close it without the need of slamming. When the key FOB is pressed to lock the car , the window raises up and the car is then completely sealed.
An extra 12 Volt receptacle has been added behind the driver's side with an integrated light.
6) Utilizing the available space, the glove box has been enlarged considerably to accept a First Aid kit. Small air condtioning ducts keep the glove box cool as well as the two cup holder bases.
7) For more driver input a Sport vs. Econo setting switch has been added that prevents the transmission from going to fifth gear too early in D drive.

Well... some of these features should should certainly make the new smart more desirable and should keep the competition at bay, at least for a while.
Anyone that is interested in this extremely limited edition upgrade package should realize that this is available only for one day this year and constitutes a long wait. Today is that day. It can only be ordered via telephone after 9 PM EST.
When asked for the code for the application package number it is called 4/1, one should state clearly and slowly to the other person on the phone, " I would like to order the April 1st special package with all the trimmings".
Again this is a very special day and only once a year the gracious people people at smart are, as always...eager to please their customers.
The first of April is is that special day for us all.


10,000 mile checkup will finally have a fixed price from all smart dealers of $199 with an adjustment of just plus or minus 30%

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It doesn't sound like there are any features that would make me want to dump my 09 smart. I do like that they are locking in service within +/-30% of a set value for 10k service.

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4/1 or not, I like some of the idea's you've either heard or thunk up. My favorite would be the auto up windows with the no slam feature. That alone would make a great aftermarket product. My contribution to this new smart would be more accessories driven from the steering wheel. Anyway, I've got to get on the phone now, its time to place an order...
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