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Well, after dropping a nice chunk of change on a new clutch acturator, I back to square one. Although my acuturator appears to be shot, that does not seem to be the problem.

I installed the new one, per directions, connected the battery and still got the three dashes on the gear indicator. Attempted to retrain the transmission and the fuse for 40 amp fuse blew for the clutch module. First a brief history.

This fuse was blown initially before trying to trouble shoot the car after it stalled and would not even turn over. I replaced the fuse and got the P-code of 805, clutch position circuit. After some discussions with members on this and other message boards, it was determined at least my acuturator was need of replacement. After putting the old and new side by side, it definitely needed to be replaced. The whole time of chasing after this, the fuse did not blow again until this morning with the new actuator.

So it appears to me me it may be something with the clutch itself. Reason being that what ever it is prevented the clutch to disengage, thus prevented the actuator from extending, causing it to overload and blow the fuse and likely killing the acturator (83,000+ miles) at the same time. While dealing with trying to find out what was wrong with the car, the acuturator,, being dysfunctional did not function thus not over loading the circuit and leaving the fuse intact. Now with the new acturator I installed, trying to work properly can't, over loaded and blew the fuse. Sounds plausible but practical?

Is there a way for me to test the clutch acturator to see if it's not jammed? That actuator can provide only so much push on the clutch mechanism. I'd think with some elbow grease, I should be able to force the couch to disengage just to see if it even can.

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