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What I want to share with you today is nothing pleasant. :(

Summer of last year an EQpassion reader reached out to me and gave me a tip about a (Tesla) smart ED2 which was for sale. A beauty, white and matt green, with the matching rims.

The exciting thing about it?

The smart ED2 was developed by Tesla and built from 2009 to 2012. It's the base of all subsequent electric smarties. It's predecessor from 2007 was technically still from the 90s. So with Tesla's help smart managed to build competing electric cars again. The ED2 was also what helped Tesla not going bankrupt while they developed the model S.
The smart ED of the 2nd generation was never sold, just leased. After the lease ended, everyone was scrapped again. There are just a few left and hardly anyone can properly maintain the existing rest.

Of course I took on and tried to buy the smart. But sadly the owner and I din't find a price we both where happy about.

With that, the topic then rested. A few weeks ago I decided to write to the owner again and ask if he still has the car:
Unfortunately, the smart ED2 had a defect shortly afterwards. Apparently nothing special, but since it was just a smart that's not supposed to exist anymore, he didn't get any replacement parts for it. Without asking me again he then scrapped it...

... that's it with this smart ED2.

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