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Although SCOA has several good recommendations for replacing incandescent festoon bulbs in the map light and license plate lights with LEDs, I'll bore you with one more.

I recently added some footwell and cargo area LED lights in my 2014 Smart ED. They were of 4000K-4500K neutral white color temperature. After I did that, I couldn't bear the difference in color temperature between the very warm (<3000K) OEM map light and the newly added neutral white LEDs. So I looked around for neutral white festoon LED bulbs of similar dimension to OEM. After trying a couple of no-name bulbs that had some issue or the other, I bought the Philips 128584000KX1 XtremeVision 38mm 12V Festoon LED Interior/Exterior Retrofit Bulb from amazon.

Here is a picture of the front and back of the packaging.

For the short period I have had it, I like it because:
  • The color temperature is in the 4000K range and matches my other interior lights.
  • The length of the LED bulb perfectly matches the length of the OEM bulb.
  • There is no glow from the LED when off whereas the other LEDs I tried glow faintly even when off.
  • The construction seems good, with a heatsink.
Encouraged by the map light experience, I went ahead and got a couple of more of the same bulbs for the license plates. Here is the picture of the license plate with the OEM bulbs vs the license plate with the Philips LEDs.

The Philips bulbs were $8.57 each, including shipping, on amazon, which seems about twice as expensive as the non name brand offerings. I wish it were cheaper. But that's what I have and I am happy with it so far. I hope they last a while.
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