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They said I need a new clutch

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I have a 2009 Smart. I took it into the shop because my car is having issues finding gears. Just wondering if anyone has had to replace the clutch in their car and how much it cost to do the repair? Thank you for the help.
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I took it to the local dealer. I'm a little skeptical because they are the only "authorized" dealer around me. I called a few other places not near me geographical and the price was very different. Any thoughts are very welcome.
I made call to the next two dealers in my area about 100+ miles away and they quoted me about $1000 less. I don't mind paying for services. I'm a little baffled as why the discrepancy? I have gone to this dealer once before I didn't have good service that time. Unfortunately the dealer I took the car to is the only one geologically available. I don't doubt the diagnosis I just question the price. I wanted to get an idea of what others might have paid to have a clutch replaced. I do thank you for the help. I want to trust the dealer, I want to think they are fair just would like to know what others have been quoted.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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