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Well I searched this forum and the web and decided to go with uniroyal tiger paws all the way around. Bought 15 rear wheel knockoffs from and 185 60 15 from Wally World. Well went to get the fronts installed tonight on the new rims and things went to **** quickly. Well, not so quickly as it took 2.5 hours for them to install 2 tires then at the end of it the crotchety lady running the front made me sign waiver they weren’t responsible for any damage blah blah and she never should have let them install the things cuz they’re too big and way beyond factory spec. I’m like your theory is great about rubbing and destroying my tires and the car and causing all kinds of accidents but the reality is I did my homework and plenty of ppl run this setup without issue.

I did as tight a turn as I could for 2 circles in the lot and not one rub. She didn’t get to see that of course as they were already an hour later at the store than normal and I’m sure she high tailed it to the punch clock.

Oh well. They’re on and it was a great ride home. At least the speedo matches gps speed now :)

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