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Tire Size Issue

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I have a 2009 Smart Car and I am having some abs issues. ABS light comes on and off under 55mph and constantly on after 55. I feel the abs kicking in during braking as well.

The car came with 15 inch wheels in the front and 16 inch wheels in the back. Tire Sizes Front = 175/55/15 Rear = 205/50/16. Diameters are 22.58 in the front and 24.07 in the rear making it a 6.6% difference.

The brabus has 175/55/15 in the front and 215/35/17 in the rear making it a 5.3% difference.

My question is....what tire size should I run?

I have 4 brand new (less than 200 miles) on the tires on the car now. I am thinking about swapping the rears out to make the percentage difference as close as possible.

Here are my options. I am now running hancook v2s. I could keep the hancook in the front and swap it for a crosswinnd tire (economy china tire =/) 215/40/16 in the rear making it have a 22.58 diameter in the front and a 22.77 diameter in the rear (0.9% difference)


Keep the same hancook in the front 175/55/15 and another hancook tire size 205/45/16. tire diameters front = 22.58 rear = 23.26 (3% difference)

obviously, I would want to make the percentage close as possible but they do not make a hancook in the 215/40/16 and I like to try to keep the same brand tires if I can.

Any input would be Awesome. Thanks again.
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185 55 15 in front is 23.0" diameter, 205/45/16 in rear is 23.2" diameter

I just got a winter set for a 453 and summer and winter sets for a 450 and the 185 55 15 fits in front of the 450 and the 450 front is the smallest wheel well of them all.
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