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Currently doing research on setting up a 453 to be a tow behind for our RV. We travel extensively pulling a car. I know most people prefer low profile tires. However, I was thinking that tires with more sidewall would be better for towing for a couple of reasons. I'm no tire expert but in my personal experience tires with more sidewall tend to be less fragile going over potholes, gravel roads, etc., and anything you can do to get the towed a little higher really helps when exploring off pavement. We don't do serious off roading but like to be able to explore dirt roads when we are out in our RV. Some may say they just avoid road hazards using the steering wheel. However, that's a little harder to do when you are pulling the car vs. driving it. My current towed is a 72 VW Bug. When I first got it it had been lowered and it dragged on almost every gas station driveway so I put it back to stock. So, my questions are:

Has anyone tried a taller tire on their 453 and what were the results?

How tall can you go without creating a handling nightmare or safety issue?

Am I just overthinking this and the cost/benefits don't pan out?
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