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As I'm sure you are aware, SMARTCAR custom & performance parts are very limited at this time. However, more manufacturers will be producing products in the near future and when they become available, we will have them available at NOPI.

At NOPI, we carry hundreds of the leading brands from the world’s top custom and performance manufacturers. These manufacturers operate uniquely, with vast differences in their policies and procedures. Many have no interest in what pricing is offered by their authorized dealers and distributors, so inevitably competition causes prices to drop on their products until their brand is no longer profitable and therefore not carried by reputable dealers. Others institute a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy for pricing of their products in print or on the internet. Authorized dealers are not allowed to advertise these products below the MAP price set by the manufacturer.

This insures that the advertised selling price remains constant throughout their distribution network and that the products retain profitability. Some manufacturers are very strict with this policy and some do not enforce it at all. That’s why you see the vast differences in advertised prices for aftermarket automotive products.

MAP price only affects the advertised price, NOT the selling price. At NOPI we can offer club discounts, website discounts, package discounts, military discounts and others. Once you’ve decided on something for your vehicle, contact NOPI and we’ll do our best to get you that product at the best price and be here after the sale, just like we’ve been for all our customers for the past forty years.

Be sure to mention “SMARTCAR OF AMERICA“ for the group discount for this site.

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