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Howdy y'all,
I have a 2008 Cabrio with 24,000 miles, and the door seals on both sides are beginning to make quite a bit of squeak. I've come across threads suggesting lubrication, and will try that for the passenger side.

Unfortunately, the seal above the driver's side door handle has completely torn open, and I'm looking for a replacement. So far, I've been unable to find a seal matching the part number; the ones I've found are from newer models, and I'm not sure they'd be a correct seal. I've attached pictures for reference. I've also come across suggestions to feed 5-8mm diameter rubber tubing to fill out the seal without replacing it entirely. Any thoughts on this method?

Does anyone know of where I can source a new driver's side rubber door seal? I've not contacted the dealer, as Smart dealers are few and far between in Texas, and I'm reluctant to pay Mercedes' prices for work I can do on my own.
I appreciate any advice and insight y'all can provide. Thanks for your time :)


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Welcome to SCoA! You can try searching on Rock Auto Parts, Amazon, eBay, etc. but it's doubtful you'll find something like that - although I could be wrong. Seal should be the same for any 2008 through 2015 fortwo - they are all essentially the same car.

Best bet is a dealer - some will even mail order. You can also try Smart Madness in Austin and see if they can source one for you. :)

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...welcome to the asylum...
..if "I" had to deal with this issue and needed a temporary fix this is what the voices in my head tell me what to do...
...find a piece of soft foam...the kind they use for shipping delicate stuff...the one I can squeeze between my fingers...long enough and wide enough to fill the cavity inside the seal assembly without deforming the original shape...maybe a little longer so it can slide inside the old seal....clean the inside with alcohol...apply a thin layer of black silicone ...also known as RTV...inside the the foam "soul" inside and finish it with the RTV making sure to smooth out the RTV with some soapy water and running your fingers over in a fast moving action and little pressure......let dry overnight...

Jetfuel....or something like that said the voices....
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