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I had errands to do. So far the 2018 ED has been a joy however today I pulled into my drive. I noticed a difficult to describe sound but we all know there are specials for each one made.

I didn’t think anything of it except it was catalogued as a different sound that was new.

I had to take a package to UPS. I got in the ED, turned the key and got a message. All four wheels have to be off the ground to tow, turn off, remove key. I did. I tried many restarts, same message which covers the screen. I got out of the car lock and unlocked it several times.

Same message then the battery light came on. I got out and started moving the car by hand. Same.

I got out again, rolled it a longer distance, locked and unlocked it and put the level 2 charger in. It would not charge. I went inside to the Clipper Creek and it was in orange or standby.

I went back out, the input had gone dark. I removed the cable and replaced it, no light for charging came on.

I callled MB, I asked for a quick fix, I had to be someplace. 10 minutes later I went back out, hung up the cord opened the car, got in and it went to green ready. I left the door open and key in so the green light would stay on. I drove from there to my local high end fix place.

I told them my Smart needed a one year service or 10,000 coming in February 2019. I have 1834 miles on it.

A year ago they were waiting for a chip to work on Smart resetting the display. The chip, 2000$ was supposed to be there any day. I checked way in advance to make sure the hard and software came in.

They are still waiting for it. I said that’s a year ago. He said, we are having an immense amount of trouble getting software for just about everything forget about Ferrari. Honda’s. His idea was that, manufacturers were planning to repair remotely from the factory either in your driveway or stranded.

Good call. My first thought was they will not give out any proprietary info and they want the car back to each respcective dealership.

He said they are suing manufacturers and so are a lot of other high end shops. True or not I don’t know. He said they are even using FOIA, with no results.

If anyone has this happen, the last noise I heard was a “clunk” when I stopped the car on the up of a bump in my drive. It make have gone backwards and inch. Other than that, I doubt if anyone has had the all four wheels must be off the ground to tow, consult manual, take to shop, battery light going on in that order.

Thank you.
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