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Here's V1 of the towbar I've created on Project Black. I already have created a much cleaner, flush looking V2 on MiniNeon II but here's where that idea came from:

A) Using MiniNeon's original chassis, I stripped all unnecessary parts off (couldn't get the darn motor out though) then superglued a broken, slightly curved K-nex piece to it. I then took the spring from the steering rack and superglued it to the K-nex piece.

B) I found a picture mounting hook and superglued it to Project Black's bumper.

C) I then connected the trailer to the towbar and gave it a run.

Video to come later tonight as I have to reinstall my video editor.

V2 is already finished, improvements include:

A) Stubs cut off of trailer
B) Towbar V2 Chrome added to MiniNeon II (mounted in a more realistic location with a clean finish)
C) License plate added to trailer
D) Fixed bubbling chrome on MiniNeon II
E) Tongue reinforcement on trailer
F) Oiled wheels on trailer
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