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I've read in some threads about the tire pressure light coming on and some guys would just put tape over the light instead of getting it fixed, their excuse is 'well I am old school and check the tires periodically anyway'. Well this happened to me this past weekend and I'm glad my light came on seeing that we don't have spare tires. Traveling from Savannah Ga. to Pigeon Forge Tn., about 100 miles from home somewhere in South Carolina, my tpms light comes on, in the next town I come to I find a Walmart parking lot, I notice that the right rear tire is low so look at it a little closer, yep, looks like a wood screw:shrug:. Pulled into the service area, a young mechanic named Mike comes out to talk to me, says he's never worked on a Smart before, or even driven one, bottom line is he fixed my tire for free and I let him drive my Smart down the road, he was all smiles, maybe a future owner. Anyway, tpms lights are there for a reason, I don't think I will ever put tape on it to black out the light.
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