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Transmission not going into drive or reverse

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My 2013 smart passion only has 37k miles
Was driving just fine, then it wouldn't go into reverse or drive, only park and neutral
Does anyone know what the problem might be
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Welcome to SCoA! :)

First thing is have you tried the transmission relearn procedure in the owners manual? If not, give it a shot. Have you scanned for OBD codes?

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If I don't have the manual handy, where can I find the relearn process, 2013

Will be connecting obd and see what code if any come up
How old is your car battery? I own other cars, where the battery, was low or dead. The vehicles immobilizer kicked in. Wouldn’t let me move the gear shift level. On those vehicles, there is a interlock device to free up the gear selector. Does anyone know if the smart employees that same feature.
Getting code P0805
Clutch system fault

Mechanic said there's a clutch protection feature or something

Just replaced the transmission and clutch and having the same issue

Car drives fine, but all of a sudden it goes into neutral and won't take drive or reverse

Had seen in a post to turn the car on and off several times, after doing that 10-15 times
Was able to engage gear

But now it's jerking and feels like it's going to stall on take off

Don't want to be replacing parts until we find the problem
(Could it be the actuator?)

Can anyone shed some light
Thank You,
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