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Sounds like I need this update. Thanks guys for sharing your stories. Last week mine would not go into R or D. I rolled down my driveway only to have to walk it back into place. But the side note to this is that the weather was nice for the whole week that I could ride my Ducati everywhere instead. I tried it the other day and it went into D but not R. I am driving it now, but I don't know when it will fail on me next.

Does anyone know when the next update is supposed to happen? I heard late 2012, or 4th quarter. Is it worth it to just wait till that one comes out? Or is the 2.03 the latest and greatest end all update?

BTW, 2008 Passion. I have the 2.0 update, but mine does not do the paddle shift into manual like everyone else. Smart Corporate says that it should not do that either. I think mine is a dud in that department. I am hoping that 2.03 will change my paddle shifting functions.
Apparently you DO NOT have the 2/0 update :(

IF you did, when you hold the right paddle shifter for about 3 seconds it will go into manual. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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