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Thanks for the reply! She's a 2014 Smart Fortwo EV and we solved the issue. After a diagnostic telling us our 12V was dead we charged it for a while then tried it and EVERYTHING came on and the DREADED warning triangle was GONE! So,we took the battery out went to the nearest auto parts store, bought a new 12V battery installed it and WALLA! Back zipping around is she again!
Good news
Post I made concerning my smart with a gas engine. Relatively new cars are very dependent on a healthy 12 volt battery
I replace my battery every 3 years.
Cheap insurance.
I would seriously consider replacing the 12-volt battery on a smart EV/EQ every 2 years just as cheap insurance.
Even an expensive $200 battery amortized over 2 years is pretty cheap insurance. And most aren't that expensive.
Considered that versus $5,000 to $10,000 high voltage Drive battery replacement which would you rather pay for?
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