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Mr. Donald Trump the American business magnate, television personality, and Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization, trying to convert environmental antagonists for his proposal for a $1,900,000,000 golf resort by offering a free electric Smart car to everyone who purchases one of his homes in Scotland.

Mr. Trump is hoping his offer will assist residents and visitors alike to go green. The all electric Smart Car, would be made given to each new owner of the 500 homes to be built near Balmedie and a number of the minuscule vehicles could be offered with the 950 holiday homes allocated for the Menie Estate .

The resort will create some 1,200 jobs but there are concerns about its impact on the shifting sand dunes .

Trump in Smart Car drive to boost £1bn golf plans

DONALD Trump is hoping to win over environmental opponents to his plan for a £1 billion golf resort by giving a free electric car to everyone who buys one of his homes.

The billionaire is understood to be working on a deal with a major distributor in an attempt to secure a fleet of electric-powered Smart Cars to give away with each of his 500 planned properties near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire.

The environmentally friendly vehicles, built by Mercedes, cost about £10,000.

They have a top speed limited to 70mph, reach 30mph in less than seven seconds and are aimed at city driving.

The vehicles may also be supplied to some of the 950 holiday homes earmarked for the site at the Menie Estate on the outskirts of Aberdeen.

George Sorial, Mr. Trump's right-hand man in Scotland, said the tycoon was keen to show his green credentials.

He said: "Mr. Trump went to some lengths at the inquiry to underline our environmental credentials and our track record on this issue, and those weren't empty words.

"As part of the wider transport network around the complex, we would certainly be looking to use 'green'. Every aspect of the development would be progressed in line with the best environmental standards."
He added: "We aim to protect and enhance the environment in everything we do."

Neil Hobday, project director, said: "We've been in discussions with a major distributor of Smart Cars for about a year on this idea," he said. "Each house would have a plug point built into the garage. "This would be a major step to lead the way as developers delivering on sustainability."

Source: The Scotsman by Kris Gilmartin
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