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I haven't found anything I like yet. Anything hard sided eats up space its self. Anything that collapses gets squished or doesn't hold shape unless full.
Now other than round cans and other round items very little sliding around happens. Items usually stay put. I think I will settle for a netting that just keeps anything from falling out when I open the tail gate.

This is closer to something that would be more useful for my purpose. I have an small gym bag for my tools.

This is what I really want back there. A nice vintage travel chest and winding country roads in my windshield. Road Trip Heaven.............
.............0:) As I drift off dreaming of driving my Smart......

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Finally found this original smart trunk organizer:
12. Luggage fastener:
The foam-filled, elastic nylon snake adapts perfectly to the shape of the luggage and can be secured with
a Velcro fastener, ensuring that luggage remains securely in place during braking and cornering.

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$20 rubbermaid......................

The stealership wanted $120.for a cargo box! Went to big box store bought a 50gal. rubbermaid box for $20. Used sheet
metal shears to cut it down level with lift gate.Hot glued old towel in bottom,for non-skid surface. Fits the space perfectly,
holds it's shape,is spill-proof,and easy/quick to remove for engine accesss. See photos in my Members Gallery..............

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anti-skid shelf liner works for me.

"hold items so they don't slide around..."

Easiest solution for me was to cut out a piece of anti-skid shelf liner material. found a "simplify" brand is $7.50 for 5 ft roll at that HomeDepot store everybody goes to...

I had some lying around but it comes in other colors too...


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Got some official smart part numbers and descriptions here. I have no idea if they're still available for sale:

A4518140007 Net Set for Luggage Compartment, black (I believe I had this, but I don't remember what it comes with).
A4518100080 Luggage Compartment Management System, black
A4518990021 Cargo Area Tray, black (I actually had this one, comes with velcro attachments so it doesn't slide around in the trunk).
A4518600174 Protective Divider Plus, coupe, black (I also had this one. A little challenging of an install).
A4518600274 Protective Divider Plus, cabrio, black
A4518100009 Luggage Cover, black

A4518900254 Safety Plus Package (I had this, nice tidy package for the compartment inside the tailgate flap).
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