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With the support of EQpassion, Steinbauer developed a tuningkit for the smart EQ. I have been using the finished product since two weeks now and of course I would like to tell you how it handles.
Anyone who knows the 4th generation smart electric drive, knows that this little city runabout has already an incredible acceleration coming from the factory. Between 0 - 50 km/h, it's faster than almost everything that everyday life has to offer. And that despite the fact that it's performance is always limited. The built-in electric motor from Renault can achieve up to 81 kW, but is limited to 60 kW in the smart (68 kW for Brabus).

Now Steinbauer is offering two tuning kits:
• More regenerative breaking & a boost to 95 PS (895,95 €; incl. 19 % vat)
• More regenerative breaking (645,95 €; incl. 19 % vat)

The kit can, for example, be ordered directly in the EQpassion Shop, this way you also support this website.

The tuning company promises 10 % more power, torque, more regenerative breaking and even a higher top speed. Enough reasons to try the big 95 PS kit out and test how the little rocket is performing with the upgrade. For that purpose I build it in my 100,000 km old smart EQ.

It is particularly pleasant that the kit can be installed non-destructively and without tools in 30 minutes. It can also be easily removed and everything can be restored to its original state, as no cables have to be cut or control units reprogrammed.

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