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My 2015 Pure tipped 10k, so I thought I would check with one of the local MB dealerships that service Smarts about the 10k or 5 year servicing. Also wanted to get a price on the tach and clock module.

I emailed the parts department for pricing early yesterday. Never heard back. Texted service department about service details and pricing at the same time. Got a reply from someone, introducing themselves. Then nothing more until 1 AM this morning, asking for my contact info, which I had already provided. I provided it again. 30 minutes later I was asked how could I be helped. Huh? I said I’d already provided my info. Oh, yes, there it was. Surprise. So I got a quote. But when I tried to ask what the service entailed, my text message reply was bounced. Merchant declined further messages. WTF? So here’s hoping the dealership in Bethesda is better. Looks like it would be hard to be worse. I love the car, and thankfully I do my own service if possible. And if I can’t, I usually get rid of the car.
I would contact MBUSA & tell them how you were blown off. You can call the phone # listed on the placard located on the driver's side sun visor. Unfortunately, this type of response from former smart Center's is becoming all too common.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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