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Unable to drive for 6 months

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Good evening all,

I did a few searches of the forum and couldn't find anything that matched my situation. I am leaving my 2013 ED for work for six months. While I trust my wife to spin it around town every week or so, in the event she doesn't, what precautions should I take in the event life happens etc? Seeing all the posts about the 12v dying and the HV battery bricking has certainly terrified me. Should I get the 12v charger and keep that plugged in while it's not driven? What about the HV charger?

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Has anyone here got this update and can show us what the bms-log loocks like with the tool from odyssey?
Could be, that update is not doing the trick. I've got a smart with this update who still got damaged by a dead 12V battery.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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