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Thanks, guys: Sometime ago, I posted a msg. asking for help and info on thread size and on where to find a T-fitting for the engine block for two engine coolant/water temp. sending units in order to install an engine water temperature gauge on top of the dash with a pedestal mount. (The dealer service dept. was going to install it for me and it was the mech. who told me what I needed to get.) Never did get the info needed and never did find a T-fitting. So, I finally gave up on the idea and TOOK THE ADVICE of one of you to buy a ScanGauge II, and be done with all the problems. SO RIGHT YOU WERE--I hooked it up, today. The hard part was deciding where to put it and how to conceal the cable. I settled for the recess area right below the left side vent--it fit neatly on the inside top of that recess. The cable threaded neatly behind the dash through a gap in the plastic immediately to the right of the recess and below the instrument cluster, and since the ScanGauge just barely fits into the recess the cable is completely concealed. My view of the gauge is not blocked. It turned out to be a "pretty clean and sanitary" operation. I'm already using it, and it works well. The only thing left to do is to play with it and decide exactly what I want the display to read while I'm driving around--engine coolant temperature, for sure, and voltage. That little thing really does give pretty good bang for the buck. It really does a lot of things for the money, and it is very simple to hook up. I'm out close to $100 on the original gauge and pedestal mount I bought for it, but such is life when you're not absolutely sure about what you're doing--right? Bill in K. C., MO.
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