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HOPE YOU all doing fine! (& your smarts of course)

I have a 2017 smart cabrio (Gas) #SUPER RARE nowadays...

Mine did NOT come with the paddle shifters.. (obviously its automatic transmission)

I found steering wheels available for purchase on Ebay and such that have paddle shifters on the steering wheels... I also found higher trims for sale here in the U.S that have paddles on the steering wheel already stock.

My question is, if I was to buy that steering wheel that has the shifters, and remove my old one.. Would it just fit? is there any extra harnesses or wires I have to create / connect to the car? or is everything I need there already? also will close the cruise control feature own the existing steering?

also, after installation do I have to code it to work with the car?

Here is what im looking to upgrade in the car

1- I am looking to Change the Cloth seats .. Upgrade them with leather seats (for the heated option. I was told that the harness is already prewired under this cloth seat and its just a blank, all I gotta do is connect it and it'll run.
2- My smart did NOT come with a Tachometer (RPM counter).. so I found that online as well but I think it needs coding to work with the car..
3- fog lights.. unfortunately It lacks this option as well, meaning I Gotta DIY.
4- steering wheel paddle shifters aa mentioned above.

My questions.. can I code accessories to work myself ? does anyone have/had experience doing it? everybody in EUROPE DIY--ing this and shops offer that service for smalll fees, im scared here Benz is the only option and they charge $250/hr................

Any and all comments appreciated &Thank you all in advance.


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