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I just finished up replacing my entire front end (had a clunk, tried 4 times to find it, gave up and replaced everything) and a lot of the parts I replaced appear to be in good working order (the clunk was the driver side lower ball joint with the passenger side soon to follow).

I could see a situation where someone needs a part to hold them over till ???. I have the following working parts that I'll give to my fellow G&K owners for the shipping cost.

2 Wishbones
2 Anti sway bar links
2 Front wheel bearings (the hole assembly including the hub that goes under the rotor)
2 Struts
4 New E14 bolts with nuts (for bolting ball joints)
2 Stretch bolts (minor rust, E-Torq Heads perfect)
2 Ball joints (these were used as the tie rod ends, same part as lower ball joint)
1 Custom made tool for clamping to the strut shaft (bolt this on to the shaft, this way you can use a wrench to stop the shaft from spinning when taking off the top bolts), I just ask that when you are done using this tool, you make it available to the next person.

All these parts have 50K miles on them, they may last another 50K or they may only last another 10K (the wish bones look flawless, they may easily go another 50K), so if you need a temporary fix then 1 of these parts may help.

I'll do this on first come first serve basis, please post the request, that way the inventory is updated (I will PM you for address, etc). I would like to keep this to the G&K owners (we have the toughest time getting parts) and please ask for only what you need.

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