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I have sold my Smart 2008 and still have my 17" satin black Lorinser Speedy wheels with Yokohama tires. Just getting a feel to see if anybody locally wants to purchase them because I really don't want to go through the hassle of shipping them. They only have like 500 miles on them. The only thing is that I originally put 215 on the front and 225 on the back and didn't like the look and swapped to the 195 front and put the 215 in the back. So the old weight stickers are on the inside of the rims. No big deal and also some of the edge is peeling the clearcoat off on one wheel about 10-12 inches. Probably a cheap fix at a wheel repair shop. But I paid a lot of money for these wheels and sold the vehicle less then a month later. So I have almost $2000 into these wheels and I am looking for $1600. The front tires only have 5 miles and rear only have 500 miles. 6.5 and 7 . You will also get 2 different sets of wheel locks.

located in Warren county NJ 07865

These wheels look amazing and have never seen a pothole.
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