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I'm becoming a quick study in things EV. Thanks to those who responded to my initial post in the new member section. Is there one, more than another, used car guides which give the best indication of a vehicle price. I am thinking that an EV might be a different animal (maybe I'm wrong) and that determining the value of the vehicle might not be straight forward. I'm trying to find a 2017/2018, only because of the battery, but have no idea if I'm looking at a good deal or not. Mileage, as all vehicles, seems to have quite a spread, although I imagine the really high mileage might be a group share.
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A little late, but thanks for the info. I have used KBB to input the cars to see if they are reasonably priced. I'm narrowing my search to MB dealerships who used to carry Smart Cars. I'm probably wrong, but I feel they just might have an idea about the batteries, which still concerns me. I don't want to bring a dead car home. Unfortunately, the dealer who carried Smart in Charlotte washed their hands of the brand.
I tried to deal with a dealership that hada couple of lease returns. They had more interest in trying to sell me a B class and didn't return my calls. I bought from a broker that had 3 lease returns.
They are always interested in meeting "your needs" which makes them the most $$. Have seen a couple closer to me than the nearest MB dealer which is also selling a few used. But now going back to my original concern, do they have any EV knowledge, and the inability to really get an assessment on the health of the battery.
Warning, the South Charlotte M-B dealer can’t even spell ED!

They did have ONE trained EV technician, but he was seldom there and NEVER worked on Saturday?

They sold one 451 ED (but not to me?) forcing me to lease our ED in California and ship it to Charlotte. And on lease end I turned it back to them but they had NO interest in having ED preowned inventory on their lot!

M-B Cary was one of the better smart Centers in our region.
That’s funny you said that. When I first started my search, I stopped in to see if anyone could work on an EV, and the reaction was priceless. My biggest concern is a problem, which no one in the city is capable of handling.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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