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I am in the process of rebuilding a 451 smart engine from salvage parts as a standy replacement engine. Just thought I'd pass along a little information on the process. When I was looking on-line for valve gluides, I came across some listed by Way Motor works. Ordered a set, and was pleasantly suprised to find they were made out of what appears to be yellow brass. Hope they are better than the originals which appear to be sintered metal. By the way, the way they are described might lead one to wonder if the intake and eshaust guides are different...I checked with them to be certain and they assured me that they are both the same. I was a little concerned about installing them with a bushing driver since they are probably softer than the originals, so I machined a tool from a half inch bolt to pull them in place.without the use of a hammer. Another bit of info, concerning rod and main stretch bolts. When I overhaul;ed the engine last fall in my original 08 smart, I was having trouble finding them and got to a relatively low stress engine, are stretch bolts really essential?. I reused the old ones, gave them the old-fashioned shade-tree torque, and guess what.....3000 miles later it runs great and hasn't blown up yet.. Don't do it, if the idea bothers you, Just say'in.


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