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Valvoline Scratched My Car!

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Funny I'm making this post, because just a few months ago I made a post asking about oil change recommendations... Anyways!

Monday I took my 2013 Smart to go get a simple oil change at my local Valvoline. They had a Groupon deal going on, where I could get a $95 oil change, for $50. I was in the mood to save money and desperately needed an oil change, so I bought the Groupon and went in on Monday to get my oil changed.

Fast forward an hour later, and I'm back home, and I noticed THIS! Where is my back bumper cap and why do I have all these scratches on my car?! What the heck happened?! I have no idea. But I do know that it wasn't there before I left, because I wrote down my license plate number to renew my registration, and my OCD would have had sirens going off if it was there before.

I contacted Valvoline, showed proof, and demanded compensation to get it fixed. I'm currently waiting for a reply.

So two questions,
Does anyone have any theories as to why this happened and why the scratch is in the shape of a square, (like a tool was used or something?). Also, the inside is all scraped up too?

Also, does anyone know what it would cost to get this fixed? An estimate? The scratches are pretty deep, very noticeable, and I want it replaced. Would this require me to get a new bumper?

Just my luck, haha.


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Looks like it got hit from behind. Must have been pretty hard to pop the cap. Fastest fix would be to replace the panel, perhaps a used one from a wrecker with the plug.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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