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Now 09 451 Passion Cabriolet Met Blue & Silver First 08 451 Passion Cabriolet Yellow & Black
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Welcome to the forum.
Sorry the Las Vegas group "Sin City smarts" disbanded about 5 years ago. :(
We had a few big rallies Two Jam on the dam's, the last "Jam on the dam 2" we had over 120 smarts show up. The Park Service closed the dam to the general public traffic, so we could line up 2x2 for the helicopter video shoot above.
There was the London Bridge jam too and shortly after that the group fell apart. The cars were a novelty back then. Now they are just odd funny looking, small, somewhat problematic car.
I had my first smart then a 08 yellow and black convertible.
I now own a 09 blue and silver convertible with a few mods.
Have Happy and safe Holiday's
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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