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I am attempting to add blind spot cameras to the two wing mirrors on a 2008 Cabrio. I need to route a cable from the cabin to the cameras that I am mounting to the mirrors themselves.

I could use some help on figuring out the cable routing to the aftermarket radio head unit with the least amount of drilling and disassembling, but still looks neat.

The end of the cable that needs to be threaded is one quarter of an inch in diameter and approximately one inch long and does not flex.

Because of this barrel-shaped end It would be difficult to route it through the current pathway the electrical wiring is connected from the door to the body.

I am toying with the idea of using a 1/4-in diameter fuel line as a protective sheath and connecting the end of the door to the fender side well with it. This would be accomplished by drilling a 5/16 hole in the end of the door and drilling a second hole in the steel wall that separates the fender well from the footwell.

Otherwise, is removing the front fender to gain access any easier? Is there an easier way?

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