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Video File Format for USB Playback

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I have looked everywhere trying to find what format to put video files on a USB drive to watch videos in the Smart fortwo 2015 factory NAV system. Any help would be awesome. I found one place say try "ipod touch" format and that did not work. Thanks.

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I used MPEG2 format modified for the Bosch Nav screen. Settings below. I used Adobe Media Encoder. Not sure of any other easy way to encode, i.e., a free converter online.

PAL format
720x405 pixels
Widescreen 16:9

I believe this worked, it's been a while since I encoded anything for my 2013 Smart.
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I suspect Bosch produced only one version of this radio and that's why it's PAL. I could be wrong but I think it was a low-production model and they didn't bother with creating an NTSC version. I hope the above settings work for you.
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The differences are technical but enough to cause problems when you want to play an NTSC file on a PAL player. I *think* this is why I had to encode as such, but I could be wrong. All I know is, when I encoded for PAL and MPEG it worked like a charm.
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