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I am looking to buy a LOW MILEAGE 2009 Brabus Cabriolet (Black Exterior/Black Interior) in great condition. I bought this car in 2009 brand new and loved it. Sadly I had to sell the car when I moved overseas. After eight years, I have returned to the US (in the Chicagoland area) and would love to reacquire this car in similar condition. Mine was immaculate and had only 8,000 miles. I know I am asking alot but I am willing to pay for quality. I am very concerned with the Brabus rims being in good shape (no curb damage), as we all know the rims are expensive to replace.

Before anyone asks, NO, I am not willing to buy a similar vehicle in another color. YES, it must be an actual Brabus version, not just a black car with badges.

I hope someone in this forum can help re-unite me with a very cool car from my recent past. Fingers crossed.
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