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Wanted: 2013 Brabus

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I am searching for a 2013 Brabus edition smart car. I prefer a silver, highly optioned example, but those things are not mandatory. I am willing to pay a premium for the right car. Cash in hand waiting on the right one.
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CARFAX would indicate that this smart may have been on consignment for a month?

Curious, have you seen pix of this “mystery” B’bus?

Vehicle transport can be unpredictable with winter weather and dicey roads.
Looks like a B’bus on ice, please pass the AWESOME Sauce! ⛄
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Here’s another silver MY13 B’bus @ Carvana, $9,590...

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Tire Rack says, “WE'RE SORRY.
There are no tires available for your vehicle.”

P215/35R17 - that tire availability is now down to a “list” of one, Hankook Ventus?

What solutions have other Brabus owners found recently?
I am wondering why a Brabus would have a black gas cover.
Because under the “B” sticker (known to fall off) of all 451 Brabus is a black fuel door.

Good question as we have seen several cloned Brabus over the years.

It’s a real Brabus and a nice one.
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