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We need an antenna and the mounting adapter that bolts to the car. (DONE - Got the antenna from WhiteRabbit and mount from smartUSA for >$15) We'd also like the plastic triangular piece that covers the assembly.

We have two 5.5x15" RSR (I think this is the brand) five spoke aftermarket wheels, and would like two more to complete a set for a car.

Smaller or larger would be fine. They are pictured below.

Does anyone have an extra owner manual and bag? We'd prefer the original bag with the Velcro.

Finally, ANY Torx or special clips and bits - Our college groups use several smart cars modified for Shell Eco marathon activities, and always seem to lose the special Torx screw, bolts and body clips. If you've sold your car and have orphan bits, don't throw them away, we could use them. Please send a PM.

Thanks, Bob Storck in KCMO


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