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I own a G&K-converted 450 gasser. Since I need a complete controller package (dash, transmission, ECM and SAM) for the car, I'm looking for a 450 gasser with a blown/no engine, or a high mileage example that's inexpensive. My saga began in 2016 and is as follows:

1. Check engine light came on. Car wouldn’t pass emissions because of light;
2. Local Mercedes tech said codes indicated that ECM was bad. Ordered and installed new ECM;
3. Check engine light still on. Technician says codes now say SAM is bad. Ordered and installed new SAM;
4. SAM not communicating. Sent SAM to vendor in CA for reprograming. SAM returned… nothing works, car inoperable;
5. Returned SAM to CA vendor and instructed him to put “old tune” back in car;
6. Car is operable now, but check engine light in on, fuel gauge doesn’t work, seat heaters operate for 1-2 seconds then stop, odometer now in kilometers;
7. Car runs well;
8. Found another Mercedes vendor with MB Star multiplexer and DAS. Could not communicate with car; and
9. Long sigh... lot's of money spent and the car is worse than when I started. My wife still prefers the 450 to the new Prius she bought in 2016 to replace the car.

Please let me know if you a car that fits my needs.

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